TEMPUR® Original Luxe 30cm MattressTEMPUR® Original Luxe 30cm Mattress
TEMPUR® Original Luxe 30cm Mattress
Ultimate luxury with the deepest layers of comfort and support, all encased in a QuickRefresh™ cover, easily unzipped for washing at up to 60 °C. The TEMPUR® Original Luxe provides a supportive, firmer feel* 10 year guarantee This mattress is 30cm deep Minimal maintenance, no turning over required Can be used on a variety of bed bases, including adjustable or standard frames with slats or...
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TEMPUR® Original Elite 25cm MattressTEMPUR® Original Elite 25cm Mattress
TEMPUR® Original Elite 25cm Mattress
The TEMPUR® Original Elite Mattress delivers the core benefits of TEMPUR® - outstanding comfort and support for the whole body. As the TEMPUR® material moulds to your body shape you relax, so while you sleep tossing and turning is reduced. The TEMPUR® Original Elite Mattress has the added benefit of a handy QuickRefresh™ top, which can be conveniently unzipped for washing at 60°C. All this is...
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TEMPUR® Original Supreme 21cm MattressTEMPUR® Original Supreme 21cm Mattress
TEMPUR® Original Supreme 21cm Mattress
Experience where it all started with NASA developing a material to relieve the pressure endured by astronauts during lift off. The TEMPUR® Original Supreme Mattress delivers these core benefits - outstanding comfort and support for those who prefer a mattress with a firmer feel. TEMPUR® material conforms to your body shape - soft where you want it and firm where you need it. By supporting your body...
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