Prepare Your Home for Delivery




Measure the width, depth and height of your new furniture pieces—these measurements should be less than the widths and heights of the doorways leading to the room where your furniture will reside.


Be prepared to remove any doors if necessary, and it is not a bad idea to also have a backup plan in place.



Clear your Clutter


By clearing your clutter this includes not only accent tables and storage pieces in the halls, but also artwork and pictures hung on the walls. If possible, you should also secure low-hanging light fixtures.


You might be surprised how easily your decorative items can hinder a successful delivery.




Protect Carpet/Floor Area


You should remove or secure area rugs and doormats and while our couriers take every precaution to protect your floors from dirty footprints, it can’t hurt to shield your floors with drop cloths or paperboard that has been secured with low-adhesive tape.


Secure your Pets


Your door will need to be left open as the furniture is brought in, so be sure to secure your pets in a different area of the home.


This is crucial—not only could Fluffy or Fido escape, but they could also pose a tripping hazard for the delivery team and could potentially be injured

If you have any further enquiries or questions regarding your delivery with us here at Furniture World, please email [email protected] or call 01209211327.