Spring Sale with Freezing Prices at Furniture World

With another weather warning in play for today, with strong winds and torrential rain and yet another period of freezing temperatures forecast for this weekend, it's beginning to feel like spring is still a long way off. It was only a few weeks ago that snow fell across the whole of Cornwall causing complete chaos and at Furniture World we didn't escape the drama either. 

When the snow started falling we decided for the safety of all of our staff and customers, the safest decision was to shut the shops and warehouse until the snow had calmed down. Considering we very rarely see snow in Cornwall we were as surprised as anyone to see so much snow, so widespread across the county. 

Our Plymouth store was first to see the snow and with more snowfall than customer footfall, the shop closed its doors to allow all of our staff to safely get home before things got any worse. 

Plymouth Furniture World In The Snow

Our head office is based in Cornwall in Redruth and it wasn't long before the snow reached us in Cornwall and after making sure that all of our delivery drivers were back at the depot we closed the warehouse and all our other remaining shops. 

Furniture World Head Office in the snow Furniture World Head Office Redruth in the snow

Once the snow had stopped falling and the shops and the warehouse were back open, the fun of snowball fights and sledging were rapidly a distant memory and the task of rescheduling customer's deliveries that were missed due to the snow began. We drafted in extra hands and did everything that we could and worked our socks off to catch up and get things back on track. 

But things soon took another turn when the big thaw created even more problems for us with our Redruth store springing a water leak! Once the frozen pipes had defrosted, we were now free from snow and dealing with a flooded shop instead!! The carpet department taking the brunt of the leak!

All in all, it's been a very, very eventful March for the whole team at Furniture World and we've worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks to hopefully provide all of our customers the service that they deserve even in the most challenging of times. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers old and new for your continued support and patience whilst we have had our fair share of drama over the last few weeks. We are delighted that hopefully, we can put the winter months behind us as Spring is just around the corner. In our optimism that the weather will improve, we are delighted to launch our Spring sale. 

You can expect to get up to 50% off furniture in all of our stores and amazing deals on beds, sofas and oak furniture. 

Pop in and see us at any one of our stores across Cornwall and In Plymouth and let's hope that finally, the winter weather is soon over for another year. 

 Spring Sale Now On At Furniture World

14th March 2018

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