Fabric Guide

Grade A - Mixture of soft woven & chenille fabrics, or plain lustre velvet's.
  • Crystal: A durable flat woven fabric with a soft handle, 100% Polyester, Martindale 100,000
  • Malta: A plain velvet with slight lustre, 100% Polyester, Martindale 30,000
  • Zenith: A super soft chenille fabric in bold colours, 100% Polyester, Martindale 100,000

Grade B - Includes woven chenille's, interesting weave structures & super soft velvet's
  • Barona: A plain woven chenille with a soft handle and a subtle texture, 85% Polyester & 15% Viscose, Martindale 30,000
  • Bentley: A soft woven plain with an interesting weave structure, 54% Polyester & 46% Polyproylene, Martindale 30,000
  • Lumino: A super soft short pile velvet in a range of colours, 100% Polyester, Martindale 50,000
  • Piero: A woven textured fabric with flecks of colour, 100% Polyester, Martindale 45,000
  • Plush Velvet: This velvet must be felt to appreciate it’s wonderfully soft texture and depth of colour. Plush is soft, yet hard wearing, and has a super Stain Guard finish as standard to repel stains, 100% Polyester, Martindale 100,000

Grade C - Range of glamorous lustre chenille's, soft velvet's, slub effect chenille's, dense velvet's & tweed
  • Berber: A distressed chenille fabric with a glamourous lustre, 100% Polyester, Martindale 100,000
  • Blenheim: An irresistibly soft, seductive velvet available in a selection of deep, rich colours, which perfectly suits this opulent fabric, 100% Polyester, Martindale 35,000
  • Carmargue: A super soft chenille fabric with a natural slub effect, 50% Polyester,  28% Viscose, & 12% Linen & 10% Cotton, Martindale 50,000
  • Flair: A super soft chenille fabric with a melange yarn giving a subtle speckled effect, 91% Polyester, 9% Viscose, Martindale 20,000
  • Lovely: The dense pile of Lovely velvet is soft and romantic in contemporary matt, chalky colours, 100% Polyester, Martindale 88,000
  • Padstow: A super soft tumbled chenille fabric woven in a subtle all over check design, 53% Polyester, 47% Acrylic, Martindale 15,000
  • Stella: A chunky chenille with a super soft handle, 58% Acrylic, 35% Polyester & 7% Viscose, Martindale 20,000
  • Tabby: A chunky but soft chenille fabric, 100% Polyester, Martindale 60,000
  • Tweed: A chevron design woven in a super soft chenille, 56% Polyester, 39% Acrylic & 5% Viscose, Martindale 20,000