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Forever 100% Recycled Fabrics

Forever is a range of 100% recycled fabrics available exclusively from Ashwood Designs. Produced from ocean plastic, this fabric is available in a spectrum of colour, boasting a soft touch whilst being extremely hardwearing. With a reduced carbon footprint over other fabrics, Ashwood designs is proud to offer forever across all our ranges…

MADE FROM WASTE  Regular recycled post consumer plastic bottles (PET)  Recycled post consumer plastic from ocean waste (upcycled marine PET)  Upcylced cotton from garments

BENEFITS OF RECYCLED POLYESTER YARNS  Production does not require new petroleum = reduction of carbon footprint It creates 75% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin polyester

100% recycled yarns are transformed into beautiful, recycled fabrics Products have the same technical performance as fabric made from virgin polyester