Silentnight Sleeptember Event - 10% off

It’s time for Silentnight’s Sleeptember 10% off all mattresses, beds and headboards! This is a limited time off so make sure you get your sleep sorted this September.


We are going to take your through some of our favourite Silentnight products that we think will change your sleep not just for September…

Yours & Mine

Introducing our revolutionary Yours&Mine© mattress.


We’ve designed a customisable mattress to suit both you and your partners sleeping styles, so you don’t have to compromise on your sleep


Put Compromise to Bed


Yours & Mine is an innovative new product from Silentnight that finally puts compromise to bed. The mattress consists of two separate support units that combine with a comfort layer topper to create a bespoke mattress that gives individual support for you and your partner.


You can choose from three individual levels of support for each side - softer, medium or firmer. This allows each of you to choose the ideal firmness for your side of the bed. You no longer need to compromise which often leads to the wrong choice for each sleeper. The mattress is finished with a choice of three seamless premium comfort layers – gel, eco or memory – so you can both have a great night’s sleep.

The Silentnight Pastel Geltex Slimline Divan Bed features the 1000 zoned Mirapocket spring system with a 4cm Geltex comfort layer.


The mattress offers a unique combination of unparalleled breathability to prevent the body from overheating, perfect pressure relief preventing pressure points from building and optimal body support providing perfect spinal alignment and support throughout the night.


The Elite Pastel Geltex not only features a layer of Geltex® but also contains Silentnight’s exclusive Mirapocket® spring system; a network of individual springs that move independently of one another to tailor support and prevent roll together.


1000 zoned Mirapocket spring system.

Featuring 4cm Geltex comfort layer.

Mattress Depth 31cm

Easy Care Mattress - no need to turn.

Comfort level - Medium.

Posted by Ethan Fox
31st August 2022

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