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Rowico Home offers furniture featuring well-crafted Scandinavian design with a sustainable approach. Stylish furniture for homes where family and friends can socialise and making the dining area a real focal point.




Rowico Home is a family-owned, Swedish furniture company that was set up in 1971. Our furniture is designed for people who appreciate well-crafted, trendy furniture with the focus on quality rather than quantity. Furniture that will be used and loved for many years to come. When you buy a piece of furniture from us, it’s the start of a long-term relationship. Most of our furniture is conceived and designed by our own team of designers in Halmstad. We sometimes also collaborate with a few external designers. In such instances we are keen to enter into close discussion in order to be sure that the furniture reflects our DNA and fits in with our collections. We sell our furniture via retailers throughout Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. We have developed a flexible, eco-friendly and cost-effective logistics chain.


Rowico Home was founded in 1971 by Roland Hammargren. A short time later his son, Mikael Hammargren, also took on an active role in the company, and in 1988 we relocated to our current warehouse and office building in Halmstad. From initially having focused on stylish Italian furniture, Rowico took the step of undertaking production in several countries, which also resulted in a more modern Scandinavian furniture range taking shape. In 2009, Rowico acquired competitor Bitc Möbel AB, and with it a sales office in the UK, which is still in operation today. In 2015, Mikael’s children, Jessica and Fredrik Hammargren, also joined the company. In 2018, Rowico took the step of becoming FSC-certified and in 2020 we changed our name to Rowico Home.

“From the outset, in 1971, we’ve been inspired by the concepts of simplicity, security and family. Three key concepts that guide our decisions and guide us into the future,” says Jessica Hammargren, CEO of Rowico Home.


Wood is our most important material and FSC®-certified furniture has become our signature when developing our collections. We constantly strive to make the best possible material choices and think sustainably in everything we do. Consequently, FSC-certified furniture is an essential element of our range, i.e. furniture where all timber comes from controlled forestry operations that protect nature in the best way possible. Find out more about our sustainability work, future environmental strategy and our FSC® certificate in our sustainability policy. So with sustainable choices, Scandinavian style and well-crafted, contemporary furniture,


ROWICO HOME is helping to furnish the next generation of homes. Welcome to our world of furniture – THE LOVE OF HOME.

Posted by Ethan Fox
10th June 2022

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