Our Top 5 Mattresses

Buying a new mattress can be a bit scary and certainly confusing. You don’t want to spend your hard-earned cash on a mattress that isn’t suitable for your needs. Here at Furniture World, we display a fantastic range of mattresses to ensure there is something to suit everyone. We have everything ranging from Natural Fibres, Memory Foam, Latex, Pillowtops and Geltops, in a range of firmness’s and designs, we are confident you will find your perfect mattress at Furniture World but if you are confused about what to buy here are just a few of our favourites.

The Classic with a Modern Twist – The Hypnos Pearl Pillowtop

The Hypnos Pillow Top Pearl

Hypnos is one of the most recognisable brand names in the marketplace and with good reason. Boasting a 10 Year Guarantee on all their mattresses, supplying every Premier Inn hotel room in the UK and holding a Royal Warrant, producing beds for The Queen and her residencies. It's easy to see why this 100-Year-old company is right at the top of our list.

The Pillow top pearl is a classic pocket sprung mattress that is topped with British wool and surrounded in luxury damask, hand side stitched and buttoned on top to ensure it stays comfortable for years to come. By coupling this traditional design with modern innovation, Hypnos has created a truly spectacular mattress.

The pillowtop is a separate layer, made of a hypoallergenic and breathable fibre, it provides an inviting and comfortable feel, enough to make you look forward to bedtime. Whilst the ReActive™ springs use a brand new and exclusive design, combining a multi-distance turn and varied wire thickness in their coil, yes this sounds confusing but this is the technology that ensures the springs respond perfectly to pressure in each zone of your body giving you the exact correct support, however you sleep. This mattress is designed to only need occasional rotation and does not need turning meaning it’s a brilliant mattress that stays brilliant with little maintenance.

Doctors’ Orders – The Mammoth Sky 270

The Mammoth Sky 270

Mammoth has burst onto the mattress scene in recent years after bringing their patented Medical Grade Foam™ to the public. Originally designed to alleviate the problems associated with longer stays in bed for hospital patients, Mammoth took everything great about their original designs and then designed a range of supportive and comfortable beds for everyone.

Mammoth foam responds to pressure, not heat, meaning it provides the perfect level of zonal support from the moment you get into bed. It keeps your spine straight whatever position you sleep in while allowing for movement in the night, something older pure memory foam mattresses couldn't do, no more bad back in the mornings!

Medical Grade Foam™ contains cooling airflow channels in between every zone, to keep you at a perfect temperature and give you a drier and cleaner night’s sleep. All this technology is designed with one goal, to give the user a more restorative night’s sleep, is it any wonder that Mammoth mattresses are used by Olympic Gold Medal winners, Home Nations Rugby players and at the most state of the art sports recovery centre in the UK at the Etihad in Manchester. Backed up by a recommendation from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists they also qualify for VAT exemption for customers with a disability. Mammoth should be the first port of call for anyone with a bad back or other musculoskeletal complaints.

The Performance 270 is our favourite for its soft, comfortable feel, but we also carry its firmer brother, the Performance 220 for those who prefer a harder sleep surface and the Performance 1600 for medium firmness. With a 10 Year Guarantee, Mammoth's mattress quality won't let you down, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep for years to come.

The Wow Factor – Silentnight Geltex 2000

 Silentnight Geltex 2000 Mattress

Break out the extra deep sheets, this 14inch tall mattress is packed from brim to base with luxury which translates into a real 'ooh' when you get into bed. Sporting a 2000 count pocket spring unit, allowing each spring to move independently for optimal support and stopping the whole bed from moving when one person rolls over or gets out.

The Silentnight Geltex 2000 is topped with Geltex, a combination of a super responsive breathable elastic foam, offering all the supportive benefits of memory foam without the dense feel and slow response time, and a thermoregulatory gel, spreading your body heat across the whole sleep surface until optimal sleep temperature is reached, and then venting excess heat out of the sides, you're guaranteed a good night's sleep!

We have a fantastic range of Silentnight pillows and mattress protectors to compliment your new bed and a myriad of storage base options, from drawers to ottoman storage, and even a combination of both. Silentnight's 5 Year product guarantee and the ability to exchange your bed for another Silentnight in the range after 60 nights if you aren't completely satisfied, means you'll never be disappointed putting your trust in the hands of one of Britain's most recognisable brands.

The New Kid on the Block – MLILY Harmony

MLILY Harmony Mattresses

Difficult to pronounce but not to get to sleep on, our range of MLILY mattresses has something for everyone. With a firm Harmony 1000 Orthopaedic spring, medium Harmony 2000 and the soft Harmony 3000 we can tailor a feel to your needs. MLILY started production in 2003 and has now become the world’s largest producer of foams.

Each of the MLILY mattresses follows the same structure of a Memory Foam layer, topped with cool gel, a pocket spring unit for extra support and resilience and an airflow border. This airflow border allows free flowing movement of air throughout the mattress, keeping it hygienic and cool, but also provides all around edge support, meaning you can sleep right on the edge of your mattress, and even sit there to pop your socks on in the morning without worrying about the mattress collapsing in at the edges.

MLILY Harmony Mattresses
One of MLILY’s stand out advantages is that their mattresses come vacuum sealed and rolled up, allowing us to keep them in stock in our stores and pop them in the boot of most cars to be taken away the same day, they then take around 4 hours from opening to regain their shape and can be ready to use that evening. We offer a great range of drawered bases or ottoman lift up bases to go with the mattress alongside a choice of metal or wooden bed frames. With a fantastic selection of pillows to compliment the beds, you can walk away with a complete sleep solution. MLILY is only available in stores.

Our Survey Says – Silentnight Eco Comfort 1200

Silentnight Eco Comfort 1200 Mattress

One thing we always hear from our customers is what a minefield choosing a new mattress is, so many materials, firmness ratings and brands, it's so hard to know where to begin. We can assure you that at Furniture World, much to our chagrin as I'm sure you can imagine, extensively test out each bed in store so we can narrow down the choice for you by matching your needs to our knowledge and experience of our products.However, once a year some of that hard work gets done for us, as the legendary reviewers Which? scour the sector and crown a mattress with their coveted Which? Best Buy. Considering comfort, value for money, build quality and even ecological sustainability you can be sure their seal of approval only goes to the best of the best.

The current champion is the Silentnight Eco Comfort 1200.
Purotex anti-microbial fibres protect you and your family against allergens and dust mites while ensuring a comfortable luxury sleep surface. With 1200 pocket springs in a medium/firm tension, and an all-natural, environmentally friendly sleep surface offering the utmost in comfort and breathability at a great price. This mattress won't hurt the environment or your wallet. With Silentnight's 5 Year product guarantee and 60 Night no quibble exchange, if somehow, you aren't completely satisfied, it's hard to bet against this champ!

17th October 2017

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