The Ultimate Guide to styling Vintage Furniture

The Ultimate Vintage Guide


There has been a large increase in popularity of vintage styled homes over the past year and now is the time to take the leap of faith into making your home have that one-of-a-kind feel. Vintage styling can take endless roads of imagination to create and that is the beauty of choosing this as your interior styling for your home.


Our collection of vintage furniture and accessories has been carefully selected from well-established suppliers that take pride in delivering high quality products with a vintage, rustic, or industrial antique style. Many of the upholstered sofas and occasional chairs have been produced in specific colourways to be available on a fast-track delivery, meaning that you don't have long lead times to receive your new furniture. This guide will explore the different approaches you could potentially take to transform your home into a vintage haven or just adding statement pieces to add that extra edge.


The Chesterfield is a timeless classic which can transform any space that you desire. Leather, fabric, or a combination of both; this sofa style can be mixed with an array of different interiors to suit any home. This style can be paired with a variety of different colour schemes and styles of living room furniture according to your personal taste.



The Aviator styled furniture brings a vintage and futuristic approach to your home all at once. Inspired by the Spitfire Military Aircraft, the Aviator furniture has a riveted structure of joining aluminium panels and finished with round metal handles. This design and craftmanship ensures quality and industrial feel.


One of the key characteristics that makes vintage chairs such a sought after piece of furniture, is the sustainability aspect. Vintage Chairs have been built with longevity in mind, you will always get value for money. The timeless design adds to the demand for this style, this implies that the interior style can be of endless variety. It must also be considered that these chairs can be placed in any room within the home, which verifies its popularity factor.

Posted by Ethan Fox
25th February 2022

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