A Buyers Guide To Recliner chairs

There’s no question about the fact that most of us love a comfortable relaxing recliner chair and as Autumn sets in, the longer colder nights are the perfect excuse to kick back, recline, put your feet up and relax in a recliner from our extensive range. No matter what your support, comfort or mobility needs are, we will help you to find the perfect fit. We know with so many choices out there, finding the most appropriate chair for your requirements can be a daunting prospect. This guide will give you a useful starting point with the key information required to make an informed decision if you’re thinking about buying a new reclining chair.  

 Women sitting on a recliner sofa

Remember comfort is the most important part of the process so in the end you should be able to relax and sink into your newly chosen recliner and never want to get up.

Will My New Recliner Fit in my home?

First things first, it is important to measure both room space and recliner dimensions either from the showroom or from the details on the Furniture World website, where you will find full product descriptions and features which will enable you to visualise how your recliner will look in your room.

It's worth noting that your recliner will need to be positioned between 250mm and 900mm away from the wall to allow for reclining action so bear this in mind especially if your purchase is going into a small room. We offer petite and even grand styles in some recliners so it is possible to get the exact recliner that you need for your home. If you need help choosing what size you want, our sales staff in store are full of knowledge on the different options available so don’t hesitate to pop in and see us or give us a call for more advice.

What size recliner should I buy?

When choosing your perfect recliner make sure your feet touch the floor whilst in the sitting position and your head comfortably fits the headrest. It is also important for your new recliner to fit in with the rest of the room's aesthetics, so choosing the right leather or fabric colour is essential.

What’s is the difference between a Manual and a power recliner?

Manual Recliner

Most recliners are available to order with a manual or power mechanism. Most of our manual reclining chairs have a choice of either a catch or a handle release at the side of the chair, this allows the footrest to elevate your legs to the position you feel most comfortable, you are then able to further recline to a horizontal position. However, on some manual recliners, you need to use your weight to reset the chair back to its original position. This is no more than resting your legs back onto the footrest but a power recliner does all the work for you and is a perfect solution for an easier recline.

Recliner chair lever  Recliner chair catch

Power Recliners

Power action recliners are operated with either buttons located at the side of the chair or a handset, enabling you to control your recline position at the touch of a button. It’s as simple as pressing up and down to relax fully in your new armchair.

  Recliner chair buttons Recliner chair remote handset

Lift and tilt recliners.

We also offer a lift and tilt option, this is a recliner with the added option of reclining from near standing to sitting position, and fully reclining then back to a standing position making access to the chair easy. In your later years of life don’t struggle when getting out of a chair when we have a chair available that does the work for you.

 Lift And Rise Recliner Chair

How will my recliner be delivered?

Most recliners can have the backs removed for ease of delivery meaning that you can choose from a much wider range of reclining chairs than you might think. If you are worried about fitting an item in your home always give us a call or a message where we can help you with our years of experience with reclining chairs.

All reclining sofas and armchairs come with a care guide to help prolong the life of your product so make sure that you check before using any new product on your new chair. Be especially careful if you are using any wet cleaning products especially if you have an electric power-assisted chair as this is not recommended.

Furniture Worlds Favourite 5 Reclining chairs.

1 - In at number one is the Malvern reclining chair by G Plan. It's one of our most popular reclining armchairs and it's no surprise as G Plan is one of our favourite brands. With over 60 years of manufacturing sofas and armchair experience in the UK, G Plan is a brand that you can trust and we wholeheartedly recommend. This armchair comes with a choice of different coloured and patterned fabrics as well as being available in a manual recliner and a power recliner version. 2 - In Second place is one of comfiest reclining armchairs available. The Nova Bellisimo is a deep, padded, durable comfy armchair that is reclined manually using a little catch on the side of the armchair. Available in two colours the sumptuous chocolate brown and the gorgeously versatile grey.

 Bellisimo Grey Reclining Armchiar

3 - Another really popular reclining armchair is the Palma. Again available in either a manual recliner or a power recliner version this armchair is available in three neutral colours. Husky charcoal, husky grey and husky oatmeal. The piping around the edge of the armchair is also completely customizable available in black, brown and mushroom.

 Palma Chunky Recliner Armchair

4 - The Pembroke Leather petite recliner chair is the perfect chair when space is limited but you still want to fit a reclining chair in your home. Slightly smaller than a standard reclining chair it is perfect for the more petite user. Available in so many options from a manual recliner to a full dual motor lift and tilt recliner the armchair is available in a great selection of leather colours.

5 - Last up in our roundup of our favourite 5 reclining chairs is the Bournemouth Grand Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair. This full lift and tilt armchair is the absolute perfect choice if you want a traditional looking chair without all of the bulk of an armchair. The chair lifts up fully to help you to go from standing to sitting at complete ease. Once seated you can then recline the seat further to rest your whole body back and put your feet up. With a handy remote and an electric motor, the chair couldn't be easier to use and definitely one of our firm favourites.

Bournemouth Grand Single Motor Riser Recliner Chair

If you need any further help making your recliner choices our sales team will be happy to assist you with any further questions or queries allowing you to put your feet up and relax.

9th October 2017

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