How accurate are the lead times stated at the time of ordering?

We check with our suppliers regularly to confirm their latest lead times – these however are only estimates provided by them and are subject to circumstances outside our control. Lead times are currently much longer than usual . We have (in some cases) also added extra time to manufacturers lead times to allow for additional factors such as shipping and the shortage of containers and delayed delivery due to HGV driver shortages.


My order is delayed – why?

Covid 19 has presented manufacturers with many unique challenges. There have been exceptional shortages of component parts, with supplies being erratic and raw materials difficult to source. The high volume of orders being taken - as well as the reduced manufacturing capacity from social distancing in production plants - has made things worse.


When will things get better?

Manufacturers have been inventive looking for ways round the problems they face, trying to source raw materials from different suppliers. However, with issues such as a national shortage of foam, production has been hit hard again. We trust that over time the supply chain will settle and adapt to the challenges we currently face. How long this will take is difficult to answer, and unfortunately no one is expecting a speedy resolution.


When do you notify me of late delivery?

We will contact you as soon as we find out that an order is going to be delayed – we appreciate that looking forward to your new furniture is exciting and we want to ensure delivery to you as quickly as possible. Given the current issues with the supply chain, we are often only told by suppliers that orders will be late a few days before the order should arrive at our warehouse, rather than much earlier in the production schedule. Delays can be down to the ‘just in time’ supply of the raw materials not appearing or a COVID outbreak at a manufacturing facility causing it to close or work at reduced capacity.

Posted by Brendan Tyrrell
30th November 2021

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