The Furniture World guide to buying a corner sofa

When purchasing a new sofa, it’s always important to consider living space as well as the style. Corner sofas offer a fantastic solution! Not only do they maintain a stylish look but they provide an incredibly efficient use of space in your home. You might not have space for separate three seater and two seater sofas but a corner sofa provides the same amount of seats whilst taking up a lot less space. The key to picking the perfect corner sofa for your front room is understanding the different configurations we have on offer here at Furniture World.

In this article, we will run through the differing style options and how to make sure you pick the correct setup to ensure it fits in your room as you expect. 

Style choices

Corner sofa buyers guide

When picking a corner sofa, it’s best to identify what suits your living arrangements. We offer two types of corner sofas:

Traditional corner sofa: 

A traditional corner sofa has fixed arms at either end. Some ranges offer the ultimate convenience in style choices by offering either a pillow back or standard back version. Pictured here is the Alexon standard back corner sofa

Alexon Standard Back Corner Sofa

Chaise corner sofa: 

The chaise corner sofa is more like a standard sofa with an extended seat on one side to offer ultimate practicality, whilst maintaining a high-level of comfort. A corner chaise can also come shaped like a standard corner sofa but with a footstool on the end of one side, to extend it and give it a chaise type feel. Why not check out the beautifully crafted Alexander & James – Wallace Chaise Corner Sofa here. 

Alexander and James Wallace Chaise Corner Sofa

Pillow back or Standard Back:

A pillow back sofa is one that has pillows that rest up against a backrest instead of largely fixed cushions attached on the back. The collection of pillows that comes with your sofa is often determined by the main fabric or leather you choose for the body of your sofa, although this does vary from supplier to supplier. Some pillow back sofas offer ultimate flexibility in choice, You can choose one fabric for the main pillows, another colour for the smaller cushions and even choose the colour of the feet on your corner sofa giving you something completely unique just like our hugely popular Fantasy Corner Sofa

Fantasy Corner Sofa 

 A standard back sofa is one that has high back cushions that generally have a couple of scatter cushions included to complete a beautiful look. A great example is our Chambers standard back sofa

 Chambers Standard back sofa

 Left hand facing or Right-hand facing?

Right hand or left hand facing sofas

 Probably the most important aspect when purchasing a corner sofa and yet it’s often the most confusing. We try and make it as simple as possible to understand at Furniture World with the diagrams below: 

 Traditional corner sofa:

Traditional corner sofa

Chaise corner sofa: 


21st September 2017

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