National Bed Month At Furniture World

Discover the benefits of a good night's sleep this March with your local Furniture World store. 

Did you know that there are so many benefits from a good night's sleep, from feeling better to looking better, yes, those bags under the eyes will soon go with lots of long, restful, beautiful, night's sleep?

Even behaving better, your tolerance levels are much higher and you can handle so much more if you are well-rested. You can even perform better! Whether your aiming high in your exams, interviewing for a new job or running a marathon, a good night's sleep can help you to perform better in many walks of life.

Lastly, that good night's sleep can even make you think better. No more rash decisions on little or broken nights sleep, a new bed could be the answer to your future happiness and it really can change your life. 

National Bed Month Furniture World

The National Bed Federation recommends that you change your bed at least every seven years but why do you really need to change your bed? 

Did you know - The more quality sleep that you get, the more you recuperate and rejuvenate and perform better, compared to those sleepless, restless nights on an old bed. 

Did you know - We lose up to a pint of body fluid a night and shed 1lb of dead skin per year into our mattress!!

When you think. that to burn a pound of human fat, it is the equivalent to burning 3,500 calories. That's roughly 6 and a half big macs! Over seven years that's 45 big macs worth of dead skin cells snuggling up to bed with you each night! If that's not enough to make you want a new fresh clean bed and mattress, then knowing that a new mattress can improve back pains by a whopping 63%, it really is the best investment you can make to a healthier, happier new you. 

Furniture World National Bed Month

Don't delay, pop into one of our local Furniture World stores for advice and guidance on buying a brand new bed that's just right for you with up to 50% off in our MASSIVE BED SALE. 

3rd March 2020

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