Buy a TEMPUR® Mattress and try for 40 days

If you haven’t heard of TEMPUR® mattresses, then let us take the time to highlight the brand to you. TEMPUR® had a dream, and it was to create a mattress like no other.

Believe it or not, the brand actually started at Nasa in the 1970s! Yup, that’s right, Scientists at Nasa developed a temperature-sensitive material created to absorb the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift-off.

Now we might not be sending you to space each night when you go to bed, but we will be sending you off into a perfectly restful night of uninterrupted sleep.

Since it’s creation 50 years ago, years and years of technological improvements have meant that first TEMPUR® concept is now perfected into what we sell at Furniture World today. A mattress that actively adjusts to weight, warmth and movement of every person.

If you're not already wanting a bit of historical space science in your bedroom, you can even try the mattress at home for 40 days and if you are not orbiting into night after night of restful sleep then we will uplift the mattress from you and you can choose something else from Furniture World.

We don’t think you’ll ever want to return your mattress to us, as TEMPUR® have a brand promise to ‘Transform the sleep of TEMPUR® owners worldwide, with a unique balance of unrivaled comfort and long-lasting support.’

Getting a good night’s sleep is the most important part of any day, if you wake up raring to go, you can do anything. TEMPUR® is a mattress worth investing in. Whether you sleep curled up like a baby, flat out on your back or spread out like a starfish, on your own or with your children in the middle, TEMPUR® material adapts to the weight and warmth of your body as you sleep, whoever you share your bed with.

TEMPUR Hybrid Matress

What’s really clever, is that the TEMPUR® material supports each person in the bed individually absorbing motion, meaning you can wriggle and roll around in the night and the other person won’t notice a thing.

If that’s not enough technology, there’s also pressure relief, engineered to maximise comfort and relieve pressure by using a complex network of viscoelastic cells. That’s space technology for you!

What’s gorgeous about TEMPUR® is that they describe their mattresses by feel. The four feels are –

Soft Medium


with Springs

TEMPUR SOFT - CLOUD TEMPUR Medium Original TEMPUR Medium Hybrid TEMPUR Firm Sensation
Cloud  Original  Hybrid  Sensation 









  • All TEMPUR® mattresses come with a QuickRefresh™ top cover that you can simply unzip and wash, keeping your mattress as fresh and smelling as new as the day it arrived in your home.

TEMPUR Quick Refresh CoverTEMPUR Washable Covers

  • Have you ever struggled to flip and turn a mattress so that it doesn’t dip in the middle? well, a TEMPUR® mattress is guaranteed to retain its shape meaning you never need to turn or flip your mattress? What’s more, a TEMPUR® mattress is designed to last, and therefore comes with an extended warranty and a ten-year guarantee.

TEMPUR Ten Year GuarenteeTEMPUR No Turn Mattress

TEMPUR Pillows three year Guarantee

  • Try a TEMPUR® mattress with our 40-day trial. This promotion allows you to try out a TEMPUR® mattress for 40 days before making a final decision whether you want to keep it or return it to us.


*The mattress must be purchased with a TEMPUR-FIT™ mattress protector to qualify for this offer.

*Offer expires on the 1st of June 2020.


18th February 2020

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