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Alexander & James Leather Guide




A&J leathers are always 100% natural and each hide is 100% unique. Every hide reflects the adventurous life of each cow! Bite marks from buzzy insects, scars from altercations with other wildlife, creases and wrinkles from a life well lived, all show in the leather itself.









Byron - semi aniline

A rustic Brazilian beauty. The natural grain is emphasised by our expert hand finishers for the ultimate in soft laid back luxe.



Indiana - semi aniline

This family friendly leather has greater lifestyle protection due to the tanning and treatment process. Naturally soft with a gentle texture and wears well.



Jin - full aniline

A European favourite, soft to the touch and designed to age beautifully with every sit. Full grain and fully aniline.



Soul - full aniline

Natural, soft and buttery, this Brazilian hand finished leather is timeless and super luxurious. Available in a variety of shades, see each individual Collection for the colour spectrum.


Tote - semi aniline

This fashionable handbag style leather is from the finest South American rawhides. Super soft and sensuous with a look and feel the improves gently with age. Brilliantly easy to maintain and keep in tip top shape.