The finer details on the Nixon reclaimed range

The Grant collection is a tribute to the pioneering times when the first railway tracks were being laid across the world, forging an alliance between the strong, sleek metal rails and the mighty timber sleepers. The men who built those railways were carving the modern world out of gigantic natural landscapes, and this range recreates this beautiful collaboration between the clean lines of a metal framework and the contrasting colours to be found in timber panels made from reclaimed wood. This contrast of textures and tones evokes an era of staggering industrial achievement, softened with shades of colonial charm.


  • Carefully hand crafted from solid reclaimed timbers using traditional carpentry methods
  • No veneers
  • The factory is fully FSC certified and is a member of the rainforest alliance
  • Manufacturing process environmentally sustainable because it is 100% reclaimed timbers meaning we’re not cutting down forests all over the world saving thousands of hectares of new forest.
  • Skin wood finish - describes a product with a rough surface, achieved through treating smooth wood over a number of days to raise the grain above surface
  • Skin wood is achieved by sanding in between coats and using dry-brushing techniques to apply the glaze. Adding character and depth to the furniture and creating a unique charm. This is all done by hand.
  • Everything is 100% reclaimed meaning that all of the wood used has served its life as something else and gives that truly unique feel
  • The colour on the tops of the product is achieved through multi-step finishing process


Q: What kind of timber do you use?
A: The wood we reclaim is mostly larch, pine, fir and assorted semi hardwoods from the Northern Hemisphere.

Q: Where do you get your timber from?
A: Most of our timber is obtained from discarded packing crates, dismantled buildings and old pallets. It is a raw material which in the past would have been burned.

Q: Are the holes in your timber the result of wood worm?
A: No, there is no wood worm in our timber because we select only the best pieces for manufacturing. The holes are nail holes from the timber’s previous life.


Q: What kind of glass do you use in display cabinets?
A: We always use tempered glass to ensure no one will be injured in the unlucky event of a breakage

Q: Will your metal parts and handles become rusty?
A: No. Coming from the coastal city of Sydney, Ian was particularly aware of this problem and designed a method of ensuring it doesn’t occur.

Q: Where are your products made?
A: All our products are made in Vietnam using traditional joinery techniques and hand-brushed, multi-step finishes.


Q: Why do you choose to use traditional joinery methods?
A: Because only traditional joinery allows the wood the flexibility to breathe and adjust itself without splitting or otherwise becoming damaged when subjected to different temperatures and climates.

Q: Do you ever use plywood or MDF in the base of drawers or as back panels?
A: No, never. It is important to us that we use high quality, properly treated timber throughout.


Q: What type of finishing materials do you use on your products?
A: We mostly use high quality water based finishing materials, and nitrocellulose without formaldehyde.

Q: The finish on your products looks like it is raw timber, why don’t you apply a top coat on the product to protect it?
A: We deliberately give our furniture a natural look and feel, but in fact this is only achieved through a multi-step finishing process. If you spill water on one of our surfaces you will see that it can’t permeate the sealed wood.

Q: Why do you use hand-brushing techniques?
A: Because the automatic spraying system couldn’t preserve the attractive imperfections of the wood. We aim to achieve a natural look on all our products in order to bring warmth to your home.


Q: I like your designs and finishes, but I don’t like the nail holes or the marks on the wood. Can I have your products without the nail holes and marks?
A: Because our timber is recycled most of it bears the marks of its previous life. We believe this enriches the finishes and adds great character to the designs.